Rockdale Medical Center Physician Credentials Verification System

In an effort to make the credentialing process easier and more convenient for our physician partners, Rockdale Medical Center has created our Online Physician Credentials Verification System. This system allows you to obtain physician credentials verification letters with only a few clicks of the mouse.


  1. Enter your e-mail address below and then click the to "Continue" button.
  2. Use the fields on the "Physician Search" form to find the physician for whom you need verification.
  3. Click on the "Create Verification Letter" link beside the name of the physician in the search results.
  4. Enter the requestor name and facility (required). You have the option of entering additional address information.
  5. Your requested letter which verifies the physician's credentials at Rockdale Medical Center will appear on the screen. Print the letter.
  6. The fact that a doctor is not listed cannot be presumed to indicate there are any problems or concerns since sometimes errors are inadvertently made. If you are inquiring about a physician whose name cannot be found in the search, please contact the Rockdale Medical Center Medical Staff Office at 770-918-3025.

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